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After 30 years as a healthcare provider I know firsthand how important access and quality healthcare is to the community.


I support public district education. A free public education to everyone until college is the hallmark of American society.

Gun Violence

Ownership of guns is a right given to Americans by the 2nd amendment, but as with all rights, there are always rules & laws attached.

Women's Rights and Equality

Women are over half of the population, yet their rights are still not equal. I will fight for women's rights & equality.

Sharon Girard, PA

I am a candidate for the House of Representatives because I believe in Arizona. When elected I will support Arizona as we become a prosperous growing economy where everyone is treated with dignity and equality.

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Gun Violence
  • Women & Gender Equality

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Sharon Girard

AZ House of Representatives Candidate - LD8

PO Box 906, Eloy AZ 85131


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