I am a second generation American. My grandparents escaped Russia for a better life. Immigrants make our country great. I support legal immigration, migrant workers, DACA and refugees. I also support allowing families to stay together, at all time.

Sharon Girard - AZ House of Representatives LD8 Candidate


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I worked closely in California with refugees from the Hmong community. These people from Laos, were brought over after the Vietnam war. They were hardworking productive citizens and wonderful neighbors.

I support allowing immigrants to bring in close family members who have been vetted and are safe to live in our country.

Arizona is a border state which makes for a unique situation as we deal with desperate people fleeing violence from central American and Mexico. I believe in compassion and justice for all, not just our citizens, and that is the hallmark of my immigration platform.

  1. We must not allow for-profit companies, including private prison groups to profit from detaining families. That is why I will work to outlaw these organizations from making a profit from building and detaining immigrants in facilities.
  2. I support DACA and those brought to this country as children through no fault of their own. Arizona needs to allow these people to continue their lives as full members of society. We must support in-state tuition or another way forward, for higher education and vocational training for these eager young people. They have proven and continue to prove that they are Americans, first and foremost, and are productive citizens who hope to help and beneift the only country they have ever known.
  3. We must continue “catch and release”. Immigrants have proven that they will return for court hearings and continue to do so. We must release them back into our population to live with family or friends until they get their day in court and work towards refugee status.
  4. We must welcome agricultural workers. I have always lived in agricultural communities. I grew up in the “garden state”. I lived in the California central valley and central coast and have given medical care to hardworking migrants. They are the hardest and most dedicated workers I have ever met. We must support them in every way. They are our maids, our servers, our grape pickers. They are doing the hard backbreaking work no American wants to do. Picking strawberries and lettuce is arduous. They toil in the hot sun from sunrise to sunset. They refuse to take off time even when injured because there is no “sick leave” or “disability”. We must support these people, not refuse them. While we argue and the crops rot in the fields, our economy suffers. We must all work together for a better US.

Sharon Girard

AZ House of Representatives Candidate - LD8

PO Box 906, Eloy AZ 85131


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