Arizona is the desert. We have chosen to live in the desert. We have chosen to farm in the desert. We have chosen to develop in the desert. Now, we must chose to manage our water resources responsibly and soundly.

Sharon Girard - AZ House of Representatives LD8 Candidate

Water and Management

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Water is the lifeblood of Arizona. Without reliable supplies and smart water managment, Arizona will fail to flourish. Water is critical to farming, mining, manufactoring, commerce and growth.

Sound water management policy must consist of:

  • conservation
  • augmentation
  • management of existing resources
  • responsible development

There are two types of water.

  1. Groundwater and wells, not renewable. Once dry will not refill
  2. River water including lakes, renewable, which consists of snow melt, rain catchment and runoff.

As Arizona grows we must make critical decisions on how we use land and must consider our water resources. There must be a discussion of the ways to manage growth in this time of climate change and drought. Water resources are managed by the state. Arizona should act carefully when inacting policy that moves water resources. We must be careful when moving resources from less populated areas to more populated areas around the state.

The 1980 Groundwater Management Act proved Arizonans could come together, working towards a common goal and become proactive. Managing water resources is very complex and coupled with our state’s growth and drought proves to be a difficult problem for the future. But not one we cannot solve if all parties work together. The solutions won’t be easy. We need to bring all stakeholders to the table, mining, agriculture, developers and citizens. We need to continue to take a proactive approach and not wait until it l becomes to late. Solutions made in haste and fear are solutions that won’t prepare us well for the future. Our future depends upon actions taken before the situation becomes dire.

Water is good, no water is bad. It is that simple. If we want to continue to enjoy the Arizona we love we must elect legislators who will work on the tough issues with the best interests of all parties involved. We cannot kick the can down the road any longer.

The future is here and Arizona needs to act now.

Sharon Girard

AZ House of Representatives Candidate - LD8

PO Box 906, Eloy AZ 85131


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