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I believe the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) should be ratified and will vote yes as a legislator for women’s full equality in our constitution. Women are over half of the population, yet their rights are still not equal. We must work towards equal pay in our state. According to a recent study of 50 states, Arizona ranks as the 11th lowest, with means men earn an average of $8420 more than women. While not as bad as some states, there is more work to be done. I will work for pay equity as your state representative.

Sharon Girard - AZ House of Representatives LD8 Candidate

Women and Gender Equality

Women’s reproductive rights have been under attack in Arizona for many years. Even though the right to choose was affirmed by the supreme court in 1973 Arizona is rated a D~ when it comes to accessing this given right. Arizona has parental consent laws that are too restrictive. A woman must receive state directed counseling which makes the government the medical provider and therefore is practicing medicine without a license. The use of telemedicine for medical abortion is prohibited, Medicaid does not cover abortion, a woman must have a mandated ultrasound 24 hours prior, which makes for two trips for many which may be prohibitive. Cost, childcare and transportation are some issues which restrict women from this civil and legal right.

A recent law now mandates the doctor to ask the reason for the procedure and even though the woman may refuse to answer, asking the question may cause further embarrassment and emotional distress. This information is neither medically required nor necessary for this issue. Only doctors may provide abortions in Arizona, even though it has been found to be equally safe and cost saving to have nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurse midwives, specially trained provide this service. This would increase providers and access to care in rural areas where needs are under met. The US has a severe lack of providers due to restrictions and age. Many are retiring and many do not have the ability to obtain training at medical schools and residency programs. I will work to preserve an individual woman’s right to choose and have access to choice services in Arizona.

Comprehensive age appropriate sex education should be mandated for every student in every school. From anatomy and physiology to health to life issues this program would greatly benefit all students. Staying healthy is a lifelong process. Even though teaching values is part of family and home life, teaching health and safety that is medically accurate is part of a good education. Children should be taught about healthy lifestyles, gender issues, disease avoidance and good hygeine as part of school cirriculum. I will work toward making this available in all schools in Arizona.

We must work to outlaw crisis pregnancy centers. CPCs are businesses that seek to lie and confuse vulnerable women in their time of need. They may be a non-profit or funded by the state or religious organizations. All funding must cease. These groups use untrained providers to provide ultrasounds and pregnancy tests and coherse women to keeping an unwanted pregnancy using lies and deception. They are not licensed providers and provide no medical care. They are storefronts and use cohersive means to deceive women. Only non-sectarian medical providers with a license and training should speak to and counsel pregnant women in need, providing family planning or pregnancy care and advice. All others are practicing medicine without a license and should be held accountable to the law.


Sharon Girard

AZ House of Representatives Candidate - LD8

PO Box 906, Eloy AZ 85131


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